Henri Magnien

Henri Magnien

Domaine Henri Magnien (copy 01)


It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the 2021 wines of Domaine Henri Magnien, just recently received in our warehouse. As of this April ‘23 writing, everything listed here is in stock and we couldn’t be more excited to provide a tour of this stellar portfolio.  

I will continue to bang this drum: The 2021 lineup are The Finest Wines Charles Magnien has produced  -  Ever! 

Few winemakers, certainly no domaine in Burgundy, have risen from relative obscurity to distinction with the explosion of winemaking fireworks that has characterized Charles Magnien’s time since his takeover of Domaine Henri Magnien

In years to come, I am convinced it will be studied, envied, copied and revered. It can be argued that’s already happening.  In fact, I’m so impressed, I’ve made a study of it myself, which I’m eager to share. Below, you’ll find a compilation of notes I’ve taken over the years, maps and information I’ve gathered while at the domaine, or in conversation with Charles and interesting facts, all of which tell the story of this rising star. 


Aromatically, Henri Magnien wines lean toward a red fruit profile. Don’t let the light color of this vintage fool you though, as I think you will be amazed at how it offers such a range of flavor. The purity and elegance is difficult to convey in words and needs to be tasted to be believed. I say that as someone who learned about Burgundy before it became unaffordable. Names like; Rousseau, Fourrier, Bachelet, Dugat, Serafin, Mortet etc. In a blind tasting today, Henri Magnien wines would stand toe to toe with any of the best wines being produced from Gevrey! The quality is first rate, and I am convinced that once people begin to taste these wines, they will begin to understand why I’m so excited about them.



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