2020 Jean Charles Fagot Chassagne Montrachet Rouge Vieilles Vignes

2020 Jean Charles Fagot Chassagne Montrachet Rouge Vieilles Vignes

Appellation: Chassagne Montrachet
Country: France
Vins Rare 92+
Price :
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Having been drinking Burgundy starting with the 1990 vintage, I've learned about wine drinking the greatest wines in the world. There was a time back in the 90's that I drank Vosne and Chambolle and though nothing of it. I have come to expect great things from these terroirs and am not surprised today when somebody says "isn't that good?" Of course its good - this where the finest wines from Brugundy are made...the problem today is those wines we used to drink on a Tuesday night have become in many cases un-affordable.   I love Burgundy and if I'm taking a wine home to drink, 9 times out of 10 its a Burgundy wine. I find more pleasure today in discovering wines from appelations that most people are afraid to venture into. I think 10+ years of blind tasting has taught me that when I taste it, I know it, and it doesn't matter what the label says.   This 2019 Chassagne Montrachet Vielles Vignes from Jean Charles is the kind of wine that puts a smile on my face. There was a time that it was an absolute penalty to have to buy any red wine from Chassagne - they were thin and weak. However, as Climate Change is taking upon us, we are seeing greater ripeness from this appelation, which is now producing wines that are far more charming and interesting then they have ever been before.   My rep came by the other day with this wine and I was very interested in trying it as I have had such success with the Chassagne Montrachet Rouge from Bernard Moreau. Jean Charles wine, like the Moreau, comes from an old vine parcel that has been in the family for generations. The inviting nose offers ripe red fruit flavors of cranberry and bing cherry with a hint of iron. The palate delivers solid middle weight intensity with a sappy old vine quality that can't be denied. I looked up from my first swallow and said this is outstanding - I then verified the price and said I'll Take it All!   I wish there were more $36 dollar wines that taste like this, but when I find them, I try and buy everything that is available. Its something you can enjoy now but there is so much material here there is no rush to drink up as I think it will only become more elegant and refined in the next 2-3 years. 20cs was all that was available - can't imagine this sticks around very long. You can't go wrong with this one - especially at this price!

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