2021 Zarate Albarino

2021 Zarate Albarino

Appellation: Rias Baixas
Country: Spain
Money Back Guarantee
Price :
Sorry, this product is not currently for sale.

This is a discovery I credit entirely to working with an exceptional sales rep, best in the biz (thank you Ben)!


Many of you know how much I like discovering little known, incredible wines, especially if they astonish you at their price point. There are great wines out there, it's just a matter of finding them and then when you do, trust your palate enough to "Back Up The Truck!"


Todays offer is a wine I had no interest in tasting - Spain is not even a category on the website, and my experience with Albarino in the past, let's just say I have not been a fan. My idea of what Albarino can really be has changed tremendously since tasting this wine from Zarate. Ben insisted I try this and as much as I resisted he sent the sample anyways. Once the samples arrived he was texting me constantly asking me if I had tried it yet? I kept saying I'll get to it and finally popped it yesterday afternoon. 


The nose offered a subtle white flower hint which I found to be quite pleasant. As I put it in my mouth the wine showed depth and minerality that really made me look at the glass and say wow, this is really quite nice. I texted him and asked what the price was expecting him to bark out some wholesale price in the mid $30's, which would put it on the shelf for $50 - sort of no mans land. When he said you can sell this all day $22 I said you have to be F&^%$#g kidding me! He said you got to read the story about this guy - he is a total Badass!


It sounds like an amazing place and I can't wait to try some of his other cuvees. This easily ranks up there as one of the Best White Wine Deals of The Year!   I bought all he would sell me. It's the first Spanish wine I have bought since the early 2000's and I created a new category on the website just for it! There is not a wine that I know of that sells for $22 and tastes anywhere close to Zarate Albarino.


Comes with my Money Back Guarantee.  If you don't love it, I'll pay to ship it back and refund you 100% including the bottle you opened. Load up on this one, it's a 500 foot home run!

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