2014 Droin, Jean Paul & Benoit Chablis

2014 Droin, Jean Paul & Benoit Chablis

Appellation: Chablis
Country: France
Burghound Rating: 88-91
Vins Rare 90 Outstanding Value
Price :
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When you get outstanding vintages I'm always looking for the Village level wines from the top producers as they display a quality that is well above its price point.  This is a generous wine on entry that absolutly explodes on the palate with great acidity and minerality.  Easy to drink and hard to believe pay the Domestic prices for Chardonnay when wines like this are available.  Vins Rare 90 points - Outstanding Value!  


There is even more typical Chablis character to the cool and restrained nose that is compositionally similar but with even more citrus elements. Here too there is very good volume to the textured and dense middle weight flavors that deliver plenty of minerality and salinity on the lingering finish. This should make for a fine villages.

Burghound 88-91

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