2008 Delamotte Champagne Blanc des Blancs

2008 Delamotte Champagne Blanc des Blancs

Year: 2008
Appellation: Les Mesnil Sur Oger
Country: France
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A great champagne is first and formost a great wine. This is the challenge that drives Maison Delamotte and its sister house, the mythical Champagne Salon, both of which are located in Le Mesnil-sur- Oger, one of the most prized Grand Cru Villages of the Côté des Blancs.


The wine :
In 1760, Champagne Delamotte was one of only five Champagne houses in the region. Located in the heart of the Côte des Blancs in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger it is the sister house and contiguous to the mythical House of Champagne Salon with which it shares the same viticultural, winemaking and management team. Vineyard location is the key that guides Delamotte’s expression defining the house’s elegant, focused style of wine. A house like no other with all its vineyards sourced from the Grands crus of the Côte des Blancs, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Oger, Avize, Cramant, Oiry and Chouilly.for chardonnay,Delamotte is one of the very few négociants to cultivate such a passion for the expression of this unique ward of Champagne.

The vintage :
Yes, the winter was mild, and the cold wet spring pushed the boundaries; the start to June was freezing just as the flowering was beginning, which determines the future of the year’s wines. There was some apprehension of coulure and millerandage, two feared vine diseases. Winegrowers watched and waited…but the heavens were on their side. June started to show its real colours as the harbinger of the summer, the fruit’s setting looked promising: the grapes would be of good size and the harvesting date predictable, all confirmed by a stunning start to August, and a somewhat overcast early September. Under these conditions the chardonnay grapes prospered, gaining in strength through to harvesting mid-September, on the Côte des Blancs in full glory, the assurance of an exceptional year: 2008. The start of a long wait.

Winemaking :
Grapes from Mesnil-sur-Oger (20%, clean acidity, chalky minerality, salty and mouth-watering, lengthy in expression), Avize (20%, balance and structure), Oger (20%, warmth, fullness, generosity and fruity), and then Cramant (minerality with smoky notes), Chouilly (structure and length) and Oiry (acidity and roundness) form a sextet of excellence transcended in the 2008 Delamotte Blanc de blancs, aged on lees for nine long years, which pale in comparison to the power of this rich, concentrated yet light, generous and supremely elegant wine for laying down. Disgorged in the third quarter of 2017, we were finally able to taste it… and it is like a ball in Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors in 2018.

Grapes :
Chardonnay : 100%


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