2017 Sylvain Bzikot Bourgogne Blanc

2017 Sylvain Bzikot Bourgogne Blanc

Appellation: Bourgogne
Country: France
Vins Rare - Outstanding Value!
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If you have been on my email list for any length of time you will most likely remember some of the wines I have offered from Domaine Sylvain Bzikot (Zee-Coat).  I was first introduced to this Domaine in 2011 and have alternated between his Red Bourgogne and the White Bourgogne depending on the vintage.  Located just off the main square in Puligny Montrachet, I have looked to this address as a source for my by the glass restaurant accounts that delivers unbelievable quality at a very attractive price point.    At this point we all know how good the 2017 White Burgunides are in this vintage.  The good ones have great energy and cut with mouth puckering acidity to go with a finish that just does not want to quit.  This is exactly the wine Sylvain has produced in 2017.   I tasted this wine this time last year, it was still in tank awaiting bottling.  I knew right away, and from past experience (2012 & 2014) that the wine showed all the signs that it was going to be fantastic.  Although that cold morning the acidity was front and center,  I knew once bottled and allowed to sit it would start to round out and show some of the flesh and material that was clearly present.   It shipped in end of Jan and this is one of the first wines I opened once the container arrived.  The citrus leaning nose was exactly as I had remembered.  In the mouth the wine may have outperformed my expectation as it has fleshed out nicely, and I feel will continue to do so over the coming months. There is an intensity to the mid palate that is rarely seen at this level.  In short, if you drink white wine with any regularity and need something around the house to open and enjoy without thinking twice, Id suggest picking up a case or even two!  

I do sample and drink a lot of wine and when I come across something with this kind of quality -

I Back Up The Truck!  which is exactly what I have done with the 2017 Bourgone Blanc.  I'm so confident in this wines quality that if you buy it and don't like it, I will pay to ship whatever you bought back to me and issue you a complete refund, including the bottle you drank!  Buy more than you think you might need because this is one of those wines that by the time you get it and taste it and want to order more it is going to be be sold out.

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