2016 Virna Borgogno Barolo Noi

2016 Virna Borgogno Barolo Noi

Appellation: Barolo
Country: Italy
Wine Advocate: 92
Vins Rare - Tremendous Value 93+
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Lodovico Borgogno’s family lives and works on their “Borgognot” estate in the village of Barolo. The family has owned vineyards in Barolo since 1720. The passion for these hills has also inspired Lodovico’s daughter, Virna. After completing her studies in enology at the winemaking school in Alba in 1988, she joined her father Lodovico in the running of the family farm, and three years later she became the first woman in Italy to graduate with a first-class honors degree in winemaking techniques from Turin University. In 2001 the company image was given a facelift, with the introduction of the Virna logo on the label – also signifying the fact that Virna had become proprietor and head winemaker. With her sister Ivana helping out on the business side, the new look set out to highlight the role played by the women in the company, and in particular the fact that behind the wines were people who were investing all their know-how and commitment. Today the Virna estate stretches out over an area of around 12 hectares, producing wines from grapes grown on its own vineyards located in historic crus such as Cannubi Boschis, Preda, Sarmassa, I Merli, San Giovanni, and Costa delle Rose


We jumped on many of the outstanding Barolo and Barbaresco producers from the monumental 2016 vintage. We also paid a pretty penny for some of the more well-known names and soon the big-score hunters gobbled everything up on the market. We always keep an open mind to lesser-known producers so when we tasted today’s 2016 Virna Barolo “Noi” we did a triple take! How and why is this wine still available? And at this price? We were blown away by the sheer power and classic framework of this gorgeous Barolo. Sure enough, it’s a blend of some of the prime sites from the best communes in the Barolo zone, including Monforte d'Alba, La Morra, Verduno and Novello. Boasting a complex and perfumed nose of dried cherry, pine resin, orange peel, rose petals, leather, tobacco, and lots of crushed stone minerality, this wine immediately blows past its pay grade. Its tannins and fresh acidity provide the foundation for a powerful, earthy mid-palate that would fool many trophy hunters in a blind tasting. This is serious juice, and if you want to keep your budget straight and drink a very special wine, it’s a must. No, actually it’s imperative and guaranteed!


“This wine represents a blend of fruit from four villages: Monforte d'Alba (the San Giovanni vineyard); La Morra (Berri and Boiolo); Verduno (Castagni); and La Morra (Cerviano Merli and Sottocastello di Novello). The Virna 2016 Barolo Noi is a dark and expressive wine with an exuberant level of fruit. This blended Barolo is plush and round, or vitally void of the tannic astringency you see in some of its peers.” Wine Advocate 92

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